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What is an Astrology Birth Chart Report

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Each individual's Astrology Birth Chart Report is completely unique and will not be repeated again in history. The Astrology Birth Chart Report sets out the individual's relationship with the universe, which is described in great detail not only at birth but constantly unfolds throughout the individual's lifetime.

As described by leading Astrologists, the Astrology Birth Chart Report is our "highest self" on paper, the blueprint for our lives. Our Astrology Birth Chart Report determines our unique pattern of gifts, strengths, and challenges, and also provides likely timings of key experiences emerging in our lives as well.

Your own custom individual Astrology Birth Chart Report is determined by the time, date, and place of your birth. You need to ensure that you have the most accurate details of your birth or you may be working with inaccurate guidance messages.

Key aspects to consider when interpreting and reflecting on one's own personal Astrology Birth Chart Report are as follows:


This represents the lens through which you choose to view the world and how the world is reflected back to you. The Ascendant can be described as a filter and it complements the understanding of your personality and how this relates back to your Astrology Birth Chart Report.

Medium Coeli (MC) Midheaven

Relates to work, career, social status, reputation and connects back to understanding your life path (the direction you are headed and the values that influence you). The MC provides insight into bloodline lineage purpose through one parent which is most commonly the mother.

Imum Coeli (IC) Introspection

Describes home base, our roots. The IC provides insight into early life, past life connections, our roots through one parent which is most commonly the father. The inner Self is found deep within the solitude of the IC. It is what must be sought to know one's self fully.

Moon Sign

An individual's moon sign refers to the astrological sign the Moon was travelling through at the time of birth. The moon travels through each sign at the rate of approximately 48 hours (two days). The Moon's reflective nature mirrors each individual's instinctual and emotional responses through its different phases. Understanding one's own moon sign holds great significance because it provides key insight into an individual's emotional nature.

Moon Nodes

Nodal Axis - North Node (Vedic Astrology refers to this as the Dragon's head)

The North Node is what must be done to fulfill the soul's purpose. It is the life path, destiny, or dharma. Since it represents what the soul must become, it is unfamiliar territory and at times may seem uncomfortable (which is an emotional representation of growth). At times, the soul must pick up the innate talents it has developed in the past (which are lodged in the South Node) and bring them forth into the service of the North Node.

Nodal Axis - South Node (Vedic Astrology refers to this as the Dragon's tail)

The South Node symbolises all that has gone before. Like the moon, it represents entrenched, instinctual behaviour that arises from innate reactions. It forms as the ancient part of our psyche. This is the place of unfinished business. The abilities with which the soul is most familiar lie in the South Node. The challenge for individuals is to take what is beneficial from the South and leave behind all that no longer serves them.


The houses or areas of life in the chart are divided into 12. The divisions of the houses are referred to as cusps and show the beginning of each house. Our Ascendant marks the beginning of the first house, and so on. Some individuals may have two house cusps within the same sign, which may mean that another area of an individual's Astrology Birth Chart Report may jump a sign.

Planetary Placements, Alignment, and Influences

The planets are uniquely described as the active ingredients of astrology, the factors that make an Astrology Birth Chart Report unique because the planetary positions are different each day. These positions are plotted from the perspective of the earth. Seven planets are visible to the human eye: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, and the Sun and Moon. Traditionally, planetary energies were seen as character attributes, or as forces that influenced events.

Reference Material

The Little Book of Astrology by Marion Williamson

How to Co-Create using the Secret Language of the Universe (Using Astrology for your Empowerment) by Pam Gregory

The Astrology Bible by Judy Hall

Astrology for the Soul by Jan Spiller

We offer custom Astrology Birth Chart Reports delivered in PDF format for $69 AUD and custom printed Astrology reports delivered in hard copy booklet + PDF report format for $159 AUD, request an order for yourself or a loved one as a special gift here from our Facebook store.

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