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The cycles of sorrow, release and growth

Our gracious new moon in Libra brings us to a time of idle reflection in areas of Discernment.Self-reflection.Fruition.Realization.

Emotions are usually at a low-time lull of grief, sorrow, disappointment, sadness, loss, confusion, all the deep-dark despairing emotions leading into the darkest hours of the waning balsamic moon transitioning into the Black Moon phase.

During the balsamic phase of a cycle the Moon reaches its 'seed' state, for those who are consciously manifesting the intuitive creativity of visualizing future projects will come into fruition during this period.

During the black phase of a cycle especially during Libra, this is a period when time stands still for a reason, it is a time to revise ideas and consider the direction one's life path may be leading. In particular for the dark moon in Libra this is often the most difficult time to make a decision. It is best to wait out the decision-making process until divine inspiration comes in to take the lead through unexpected interventions.

Libra Season Month of October Guidance Reading

10 Waxing Gibbous 1 Discernment

17 Waning Gibbous 1 Self Reflection

37 Harvest Moon Fruition

3 Waxing Crescent 1 Realisation

16 Door 12:51 25:43

27 Guru 04:17 17:08

Gibbous Waxing Water Moon 3 buds passion

12 The Fall 21:26 04:17

20 Discretion + offering

9 The Hermit + King of Pentacles

9 Swords

King of Wands + 7 cups

  • As a collective consciousness we have come to learn lessons of Discernment through repeated cycles in different circumstances, different scenarios, different characters, these cycles repeat until we have registered and learnt the lesson, Discernment // Minds Eye // Discretion // Humility.

  • Through each cycle, especially the phases leading into the dark moon phase we have learnt to reflect, to go within, to see our shadow-self, our reflection, our wounded-soul to seek divine.higher-self.awareness to be in the hermit mode to understand where our soul is calling us to be in this life time, to be the king of our reality, our own being, our own consciousness.

  • As we shed the layers of the traumatic past, we emerge greater buds and seedlings of growth, progression, development, prosperity, our ideas emerge into being, into fruition, into physical manifestation into the 3d reality. We become more in-tune with the self with the art of co-creation with the universe.

  • Reflection, release, growth take time. Lessons take time to come into realization as we bravely let go of the things no longer serving us from the past, and prepare to take that exciting leap of faith leading us into the destined path of passionate decision making where one calls their own shots.


Rockpool Publishing Queen of the moon oracle Stacey Demacrco

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Schiffer Publishing The Shadowland Tarot Monica Bodirsky

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