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Clearing the subconcious clutter.

As the glorious full moon in Gemini approaches us on Nov 30, 2020, we are in our idle reflection of our inner-thoughts and manifestations following the new moon in Scorpio (Nov 15, 2020 Sunday).

What do I need to cleanse, organise and/or release and clear in my life that may be holding me back from my success? Examples can include physical items such as piles of untidy items around the home (this is a direct reflection of our inner world), electronic items such as emails, reciepts, documents, inner-thoughts that may be causing you hurt, heartache or harm (subconscious clutter).

Some around the home examples may include any of the following:

- laundry piles around in the home or cupboards of unworn items.

- tools around the home that need sorting, organising or storing.

- paper items that no longer have an immediate use such as bills, newspapers, reciepts.

- tidying up personal email accounts, sorting subscriptions and marking to-do items.

- tuning in with self-awareness and meditation and reflecting on where you see yourself in the next week, next month and next year.

Around any full moon phase is the perfect time to practice cleanising and clearing routines.

In particular, the full moon in Gemini teaches us about shedding old beliefs. This is the time to believe and call upon the full moon energy to illuminate the pathway to your wishful thoughts, desires and success.

Be kind to yourself and best wishes always.

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