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What the galaxy is trying to tell you

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

You are the galaxy, you are the universe, you are a divine star and your mission on earth is to shine your brightness onto your fellow sleeping stars, to gently wake them up, to help them realise their shining purpose.

How do you "hear" what the galaxy is trying to tell you, you follow the spark inside you that excites you, that makes you smile BIG, that makes you want more of that feeling.

Making time to spend with yourself can help you gain insight into where your soul is calling you to be in this lifetime. Common activities that may assist you in "hearing" and feeling your soul speak can include journalling, meditation, yoga, swimming, bathing, listening to music.

The words, the sounds, the images, the feelings that resonate with you are messages from the galaxy to remind you where you need to be in this life.

Be kind to yourself, be patient and enjoy the journey.

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