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Manifesting during new moon energy

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New Moon Energy has been widely and anciently known as "new beginnings", so why not utilize this powerful new moon "newness" into setting our clear intentions on recieving the abundance that the universe has to offer us and what we are divinely entitled to!

During the new moon phase in any month (you can follow the moon phases here), set some time aside to spend with yourself to practice your manifestation meditations and rituals.

Effective new moon manifesting techniques can include the following:

- Holding either a citrine gemstone or a tigers eye gemstone whilst repeating to yourself aloud or in your mind, "I am prosperous", "I am abundant", "money flows freely to me", "the universe always provides for me", "I always have more than enough".

- Remember to feel into your heart chakra and visualise yourself being "rained upon" with an abudance of fortune, wealth and prosperity.

- At the end of your ritual, repeat to yourself either aloud or in your mind, "I am enough", "I am deserving", "so mote it be".

Be kind to yourself x

Money Drawing Candle - Courtesy of Crystal Connections

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